American TESOL Institute, India

Course Content

English is the most commonly used language in the world and it is ‘lingua franca’ in the true sense of the term. According to the recent statistics there are about 375 million people has English as their mother tongue. Over 100 million people in the world use English as second language and foreign language. English language is used widely in the corporate sector for all sorts of communications and official work. The world today is gradually becoming smaller in its dimension as more and more countries are working together reducing it to a size of a village. In this close collaboration between various nations, English plays the most significant role.

The knowledge of English is not just required for a professional cause but this language is widely used for academics. The books for all kinds of higher studies and the online materials are mostly in English making this language indispensable in all sectors of life.

The English language course of English Language Studio aims at boosting the oral communication skills of the teachers, increase vocabulary through practice and improvement of comprehension and listening skill.

English Language Studio follows a very practical approach to training and communication. The factors that make us unique are:

Simplified lessons – as simple things work better

Modern English – it is the only ‘English’ required

Plenty of practice – as practice makes one perfect

Convenient class schedule – as we know you are busy

Well furnished class room – good teachers require good facility

Effective teaching – teaching with aids and practical exposure

Well reserved course structure – scientific course structure

Technology aided teaching -  as we live in a better world

Continuous research and development - as this helps in the learning process

The methodology used is known as ‘Whole Language Approach’, which includes vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and oral communication. The audio visual aids along with our language lab are meant for grooming our students perfectly.

We make your goal or learning English our goal and aim towards achieving it with ultimate perfection.